Cant compile language

Hi all,

Im running orca on dolphin 7.

I have translated orca in italian (www/modules/boonex/forum/integrations/base/langs/it) and then compiled lanuguage,

afther that I made few more changes, uploaded lang again and compiled again. - all goes fine

Now i edited language again but after uploading im not able to compile.

when clicking on Compile Language:it I get following error in popup:

XML read failed:500
There was a problem retrieving the XML data: Jan 05 2010 17:49:48 GMT+0100

I tried delete translated file and rename en.php in it.php - I get same error - so translated file is not the problem - but i can still compile successfully original en file.

When trying to access forum in italian i get a http 500 - internal server error.

How can i solve this issue? Thx in advance

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I've the same problem...

Have you solved?

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Ok, I understood....the problem is the accent in the language file it.php located into the integrations/base/langs directory.

Now all work fine (I've installed d7.0.3).

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I Got the very same problem with Finnish language with my 7.0.5 ..../modules/boonex/forum/integrations/base/langs. The forum does not appear at all until I 'try' to uninstall Orca forum ( Won't actually uninstall if I do not unistall a BUNCH of other modules ? ) then recompile the language files from the Admin side. Then it works in English but with theese [L[Recent Topics]] [L[RSS feed]]  tags!?!?.  When recompiling the language files FROM the Forum -Orca stops working again!  Frown  This is little depressing....

This is what the page looks like after compiling:








METAcontent="text/html; charset=utf-8"http-equiv=Content-Type></HEAD>






Please help!

BR: Jarmo
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