Can't edit forum as admin

In Dolphin, the Orca plug in does not work properly.

As admin I created a forum called 'Admin'

When I as admin click on (Manage Forum Admin) the (edit, delete..) options box opens and when I click submit I can't modify the 'Admin' forum group.


When I try to load the same forum nothing happens.

When i log in as a member I can see the 'Admin' forum but I can't do anything with it.

Quote · 23 Jul 2008

check your membership permissions for standard users




Quote · 23 Jul 2008

The standard membership types is set to -


Use forum - yes


Use Orca private forums - yes


Use Orca public forums - yes

Quote · 23 Jul 2008

What is the address of your site?

Quote · 23 Jul 2008

I have the same problem... ( The most exclusive business club)
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