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This is the support forum for the "Block Access Control" module.

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Quote · 13 Oct 2017

You must have read my mind.

In my latest Meta-Travel upgrading I've been thinking about the way forward; how to limit some blocks to paying members, or not show ads (used in Global Blocks) to certain membership levels - ie. pay to turn off ads and support the site.

Currently we can only show global blocks to guests or members.

I'm not sure this new mod really does what I'm thinking about.

This module allows additional functionality for controlling access to page blocks site-wide.
For the Profile Page blocks, there is now the ability to limit access to Friends, Faves and Subscribers.
For any Page block, there is now the ability to limit access based on Country, Age and Gender.


Maybe restricting block access to Membership Level could be something to think about; possibly incorporating it in the Global Blocks module.

I know we already have 'Page Blocks Access' in Admin, but it's very time consuming to go through every page.

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Quote · 14 Oct 2017

@TravelNotes - The Global Blocks module would have to be customized to add membership level restriction functionality.

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Quote · 16 Oct 2017

Thanks once again for a great module.


Please add multi-country selection.

Quote · 22 Oct 2017

And once customised, could it be added to the module for all to share the benefits?

@TravelNotes - The Global Blocks module would have to be customized to add membership level restriction functionality.

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Quote · 23 Oct 2017

I've been asking for this module to be created for a very long time and thanks to Modzzz I can now make my site public. The module has allowed me to add a special bock of fields for members to share information with their friends only. In those fields they can open their hearts without the entire membership reading about their inner secrets. 

I've also set the Friends and Mutual Friends blocks to appear only when existing friends access a profile. Many members don't want the masses to see who their friends are and this is the answer.

Although it doesn't apply to my site, you should be able to set up specific field blocks for Male or Female members. This is ideal for a dating or sex site where gender specific questions need to be asked.

It's a great mod and thanks again to Modzzz for creating it.




Quote · 27 Oct 2017

An update have been made to the inc/classes/BxDolPageView.php file found in the "files" folder after you unzip the file. Please re-upload this updated version of the file to your site.

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Quote · 10 Nov 2017

An update has been made for sites running Dolphin 7.3.5 . Upload the following files (found in the "files" folder) to your dolphin root. Be sure to backup the original files first : 



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Quote · 27 May 2018
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