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I have searched high and low with no results as of yet.

I have my blogs showing on the main page and need a comments button to show at the bottom of each blog posting and would be nice if it showed a number by the comments like: (comments 3) etc. Also would be nice to have this clickable to go to that blog and comment page.  I would also like to change the ..... at the end of a blog to (more) Do you know what file this is located in?

Looked in the market, forums etc and can't see anything. Thanks bunches.

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The Outline is already doing this so I am guessing you want this added to the Blog Post Block as well.  It will mean adding in some custom coding.

As for the ..., look in BxBlogsSearchUnit.php around line 314 find … and replace with your (more) text.

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Thanks geek_girl again that is exactly what I needed. I have looked forever trying to find this. You are right I do want the comment section like the outline comments. I tried to use the outline but didn't work like I needed. I need something that will show on the home page in a feed but not show pictures etc so the outline won't work. The comments don't really have to show a number they can just say Comments with a link to the more page. That would even be fine. Do know what file holds the bottom info like blog poster and date? Thanks so much for everything. Oh one more thing, hate to ask but do you also know how I can get rid of the point system in comments? Thanks

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Oh one more thing, hate to ask but do you also know how I can get rid of the point system in comments?

Try to run the following query:

UPDATE  `sys_objects_cmts` SET  `IsRatable` =  '0';

It should turn off ratings in all comments.

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Thanks so much AlexT, Worked just as needed. Such a blessing fought with this forever. Thanks.

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