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product itself

Quote · 24 Jul 2010

I would like to use modules you have created to build a website and I need you to work on it for me.

Quote · 26 Jul 2012

Hello aosynergy,

You are always welcome to write me a letter in this case. My regards.

Quote · 27 Jul 2012

I want to know if you can modify a dolphin 7 using its functionalities and modules you have created and transform it  to work like this website (

Quote · 27 Jul 2012

This module has been updated. It is available for Dolphin 7.1 now.
There are several new features (for 7.1):

* google maps v3 are supported
* new member menu link
* dolphin's site stat
* new dolphin's charts
* vector icons


(regarding, yes, sure, everything is possible)

Quote · 20 Nov 2012

Version 2.0.1:

* integration with 'Premium Job' module

Now, there is an extra block on business page: vacancies of this company

Quote · 19 May 2013

Version 2.0.2:

* paid featured status (using the boonex payment module)

(members may pay to 'promote' business listing posts into the 'featured' status)

Quote · 10 Sep 2013

I am having an issue whenever someone tries to search for a business listing. When typing in any keyword (especially the businesses name) without choosing any of the dropdown menus, a Database Query Error page is displayed...It would be so much better if you could search for businesses by name or keyword without having to choose a dropdown menu. Is there any way this can get updated in a future update, or maybe you can explain to me how to fix this error? It seems kinda cumbersome if you HAVE to choose a specific dropdown to get info on a potential business.

 Also, when looking at a persons profile, under the business listing (subnavigation) the page redirects and says that it's empty instead of listing the business page. I have approved the businesses, but it seems like they should show the business listing when clicking on that link (i.e. photos, timeline, etc).

Thank you.

Quote · 2 Jan 2014

Hi MPurdom,

I think that you need to check your installation, you had to make a small modification in 'inc/classes/BxDolSearch.php' file.

With regards to your second question, yes, when we click the appropriate submenu item, it should display the certain information. The same applies to my module, this page should display all businesses of a certain member.

Quote · 4 Jan 2014

Excellent! Thank you very much, I did miss that bit of code in the instructions.

Quote · 4 Jan 2014

Whenever someone clicks on any of the photos listed for a business, the screen goes grey and that is all. I'm assuming that the photos are supposed to show up in a slideshow format or something similar. Do I need to enable something to make them work. You can take a look at my site below to see what I'm referring to.

Quote · 5 Jan 2014

Hi MPurdom,

Yes, indeed, when we click on the images - they should be opened in the slide show mode, however it does not work properly on your site. A little difficult to judge about the possible causes of this problem - js caching is enabled, and there is no js errors on the page. I can offer you the following - I don't mind to verify your installation (directly on your site), and at the same time I will find out the cause of this problem. Please contact me directly by PM about details of this work.

Quote · 6 Jan 2014
Database query error
I get the above error when attempting to search..
I have several problem that i though this mod had but doesn't appear to have.
no way to bill monthly,weekly or at all
no way to set limit for free or limited accounts
no way to set limits of any kinda
no way to go back and edit photo or add then once a business listing  is created..
Quote · 21 Apr 2014

Hello, please read the installation manual carefully, I suppose that you missed one of the important steps.

Please check the 5th step of the manual

Quote · 21 Apr 2014

Is there a way to access the photos that users add to the module? My issue is one of my members uploaded some images and none of them are showing in the thumbnail listed here and when I try to add/edit photos as an Admin, I get an "access denied" message. I followed the url trail for the add/edit photos button and it leads to which looking at with a file manager in my cpanel doesn't show that structure, instead they can be found in modules/andrew/business_listing/data/files/.

Quote · 18 May 2014

Hello, all uploaded photos are in the 'modules\andrew\business_listing\data\files\' directory. The last version of the module allows to admin(s) edit photos of all posts

Quote · 21 May 2014

Just wondering, before I buy, does this module make it easy for listings to show for NON-MEMBERS? I want general public to be able to view my members' listings.



Quote · 6 Oct 2014

Yes, of course, non members can see some certain information

Quote · 12 Oct 2014

Can you please clarify what information non members could see and show an example?

Quote · 13 Oct 2014

You may goto here:

there are 4 posts, you may open either of them to see what info is visible.

Quote · 13 Oct 2014


Quote · 15 Oct 2014

Hey there, thanks for the mod; it's pretty snazzy so far.  I do have a problem, though.  When I try to make a listing and get to the adding photos part, the "no photo selected" button does nothing.  On your demo, it brings up a pop-up that you can use to upload a file but it is not working that way on my site.

I've followed the instructions carefully and added the code where you instructed but it's still not working.  Am I missing something?

Also... is there a way to access the page on the pagebuilders admin section?  The columns overlap on the listing so the contact information just goes to the bottom of the page.  That's something I could fix but I don't know how to find it on the pages list in admin.  

Quote · 14 Nov 2014

Hi GoreDove, First, you need to make sure that you uploaded the source files in safe (binary) mode. It shouldn't be 'text' or 'auto' mode (that is usually - text mode). Also, you can clean all dolphin caches (js/css).

The ajaxy photo upoader should work properly.

With regards to widths of columns, please check the following files:


page_437.html + page_438.html + page_439.html

Widths of columns are placed in template files. Default widths are: 65.3% and 34.2%

Probably, in your template, you have additional paddings for page columns, thus, try to decrease widths.

Quote · 20 Nov 2014

Hey there, thanks for the response.  I uploaded it all again under the "binary" mode, opened up all the member permissions relating to the module and photos, in general yet... still not working.  The cashes are totally cleared, as well.  Any other ideas before I toss you the keys to my site?

Quote · 20 Nov 2014

So... the uploader still isn't working.  Is there a different channel you prefer to be contacted by?  I've kind of been stuck on this for over 10 days now.  Any other suggestions before I give up on it?

Quote · 25 Nov 2014

Hello, haven't noticed your answer before. As usual, people contact me directly (by PM).

Well, if you installed the module correctly, the ajaxy photo uploader should work correctly. There can not be other reasons (only permission and the correct ftp mode). Can you give me the address of your website? I will have a look and tell you why it happens.

Quote · 26 Nov 2014


Hello, haven't noticed your answer before. As usual, people contact me directly (by PM).

Well, if you installed the module correctly, the ajaxy photo uploader should work correctly. There can not be other reasons (only permission and the correct ftp mode). Can you give me the address of your website? I will have a look and tell you why it happens.

 Sure thing.  I'll PM you from now on, thanks.

Quote · 26 Nov 2014

This mod is cool as hell, gives the site a whole new look. Thank you Andrew!

Everyday is a new beginning.
Quote · 30 Dec 2014

Thank you, Happy New Year!

Quote · 30 Dec 2014

How do I edit the following:

Default text: " Search over 4 million business contacts available"

When a member views a listing, they have ability to feature the listing and it adds to their cart.. I am confused.. why would a member pay to feature someone else post?

I cannot replace all of the background images in the header.. the image with the conference room table and chairs.. How can I replace or delete this?

How can I make United States the default location on the search fields? Or is it possible to have the search fields auto-populate base don where the member is located?

How to change text: "Agents Other Listings" "Contact Agent"

The description text runs past the width of the sidebar, how can we make the text stay within the sidebar?

Quote · 3 Mar 2015

All labels are located in language file of the module (modules\andrew\business_listing\install\langs\en.php).

With regards to the feature status : admin can change this status freely, and you (as member) can pay for this status. In the same time, you can sponsor posts of other members (in this case you can be considered as sponsor).

All the background images are located in 'modules\andrew\business_listing\templates\base\images\' directory (all images with prefix 'srch_').


Today the module was updated for dolphin 7.2.0

Quote · 24 Sep 2015

Wassup my brother congrats on your house. I have a question is there a way to choose how long the listing should stay posted?

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Quote · 17 Dec 2015

Hello, thanks. Today the module was updated for dolphin 7.3.0. 

With regards to your question, this is here: modules\andrew\business_listing\classes\ABListingCron.php 

refer to the following param:

$iLifetime = 30; // 30 days

Quote · 12 Apr 2016

Hi Andrew,


It is mobile friendly correct ?

Everyday is a new beginning.
Quote · 11 Jun 2016

Hello, yes, the module uses responsive styles. If you need to check it in 7.3, just ask me - and I will install it on 7.3

Quote · 11 Jun 2016

Thank you my brother, have a great day! Cool

Everyday is a new beginning.
Quote · 11 Jun 2016

I sent this in a private message over a week ago but have't heard back yet so I'll try here:

I'm wondering if there is an option to manage subcategories in the same way I can manage categories. In the present setup I can only add new subcategories (via the Add/Edit subcatogories link but that doesn't actually allow editting or deleting, that option seems only possible in Manage categories so I'm looking for a similar link for subcategories since I edited and added  many categories and the old subcategories just don't fit for these, yet I'm at a loss as to how to delete them


Quote · 29 Aug 2016

Hi Andrew,

We are very interested in your Business listing module. A few questions: 
1 - Is it compatible with Dolphin 7.3.3?
2 - We'll use this module to display companies and not business listings. Is there a way for us to display the company's photo, add a short description, and when we click on the Photo or title, will it be routed to another page where the user can see the longer version of the company's description? Do you think we can achieve this?
3 - Is there a way to approve the business listing first? Meaning, when a user adds a business listing, will it be sent to moderation? Is this included in the site's settings?
4 - From one of your screenshots, the business listing has a gallery view. We'd like to see it on demo but it's not there. Is this still possible?
5 - Is there a demo to admin panel? So we can see what the settings are, etc?

Hope you can answer these questions. Thanks!

Quote · 8 Nov 2016
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