Buttons & Entry Field Alignment

Does anyone know what typically causes the button to be lower than the entry field and how I can correct for this in CSS? Please see attached.


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Quote · 9 Apr 2021

Is it site wide or a particular area?

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Quote · 10 Apr 2021

It's just one area one the profile page. I tried jiggling with the CSS which changed the size of the button and entry field but it did not help with the alignment with the button with the entry field.

Quote · 12 Apr 2021

Hello callum!


You may try to add the margin, padding or top parameters to any of those CSS classes bx-btn bx-btn-img bx-btn-small bx-btn-ifont

in the templates/tmpl_[your template]/profile_view.css file.

Quote · 14 Apr 2021

Thank you @LeonidS. I played with the 'margin-top' in the css file and that helped.

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