Can I host Dolphin.Pro on home-computer?

Dolphin.Pro is a “web software”, so it really has to reside on a hosting server, where the site can be easily accessed by visitors. Your server needs to be "online" all the time and connection should be fast and secure. This is why we recommend a web-hosting service.

And yet, if you feel brave, you can also install a web server onto your home computer and make it publicly available. We don't recommend such approach because you would have to deal with a lot of technicalities that are otherwise be taken care of by a hosting company.

So, if still prefer the DIY way, consider the following bundle packages: WAMP, XAMPP (Windows), MAMP (Mac).

As soon as you get a server up and running, you should follow the Dolphin.Pro Installation Guide instructions.

Quote · 28 Aug 2015
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