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Hi, On most site scripts there is a css or html for choosing a specific logo size. But not in dolphin as I can see.

I have a 233px wide logo but a 233px image is crappy.

So I want to be able to upload a 400px image and in the code somewhere set the logo to 233px. So the quality of the image isnt lost.


Any ideas how to get this done. Thanks

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Quote · 29 Jul 2020

I don't think the css is applying a size to the logo.  You should be able to upload your new logo and replace the old.  The thing is that you must clear the cache in the admin panel and you must clear your browser cache.  Also, if you are using a third party caching service, such as CloudFlare, you must also clear the CloudFlare cache.

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Quote · 29 Jul 2020

Yes, it's just a simple replacement, but I found it's best to use these settings:

You need to retain the search box and your account box, which appear each side of the logo in EVO. As such, I've found that a maximum logo width of 600px is about the limit. You can go larger, but you'll find it requires a bit more work.

PC computer monitors render at 96 dpi and Macs 72dpi, Uploading a logo at 300 dpi or anything larger than 96dpi is a waste of time. All it does is slow your screen rendering time down even more.

Go to /Admin/Settings/Basic Settings/ Logo (The Logo section is about half way down the page.)

Click Select file and upload your logo.

Tick Enable Resizing (I think this is for mobile phones, but I'm not sure.

Enter the width and height in at the same size as your logo. In my case, 600 x 125. I tried 64 x 64 as shown, but the logo appeared as a postage stamp size image.

Click Upload.

You need to follow Geek_Girl's  instructions about cache's but in my case I can get away with just clearing the browser cache.

All done.



Quote · 30 Jul 2020

I'm sorry Hawk, I actually misread your request, so here's another go.

Uploading an oversize logo and reducing it to make it look sharper doesn't work in the digital world. That may be the case when you make a print from an old glass plate negative, or look at a billboard from a distance, but in the digital world pixels are replaced as the image gets smaller. Your 400 pixel wide logo won't contain 400 pixels across its width when it's reduced to 233 pixels, it will still be 233 pixels wide and still as muddy.

You need to enhance the 233 pixel logo or "enhance" the 400 pixel logo when you reduce it. As I said in the post above, uploading a 300dpi (300 pixels to the inch) image won't help because your monitor renders at 96 pixels per inch.

There are a few ways you can enhance a JPG image. The most common is to use the "Sharpen" setting in Irfanview or Photoshop. This simply makes some of the transition colours the same colour to give the appearance of sharpness. It works better in some instances but not others. You can also play with contrast, but there's little else you can do. You can try different background colours or even the colours of your logo. I'm not sure if you can use GIF images, but you could try. PNG images also offer a little more control but I'm not sure if you can use them either.

Quote · 30 Jul 2020

Thanks Guys, I actually figured it out. It looks way sharper now. I believe the header template file had the link to the image so I just added width and height to the link. It looks sharp now.

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