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I have looked and looked.. and I can't find this topic addressed anywhere. Even Google let me down big time. I want what to me seems like it should be pretty simple but I can't figure it out. I just want to change the "stars" used to rate things to my own custom images. 


Is it amazingly easy and I'm just missing it, or...

Quote · 12 Feb 2018

Hello Traderj!


Yes, you're right, after changing it to font parts from css it is not easy process as before. So you need to change / redeclare method getVoting in templates/base/scripts/BxBaseVotingView.php file, this 2 parts:


$sRet .= '<i class="votes_button_'.$sType.' sys-icon star-o"></i>';




$sRet .= '<i class="votes_button_'.$sType.' sys-icon star"></i>';

You should change it something to 

$sRet .= '<img src=[path your own stars images] class="votes_button_'.$sType"/>';


and change this votes_button_ classes in common.css file in templates/tmpl_uni/css/ folder (or instead of tmpl_uni you may take correct template).


With the best regards, Leonid

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