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Using the Night Club template and having an issue with the messenger. The font is white on a light grey background and is very difficult to see. Cannot find the correct file to change the font and/or background colors. Screenshot below for anyone not sure what I am explaining.

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Quote · 15 Apr 2018

The attached shows how messenger looks on our NightClub template.

I have to rush off but I'll sort out the CSS for you tonight.

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Quote · 16 Apr 2018

Line numbers are taken from the original script. They may vary if you've made changes.


.bx-def-bc-padding     Change line 351  

background: rgba(0,0,0,0.9);  to whatever. You can use hex: #000000; if you don't want a transparent colour. I'm using:  #1e1e1e;

Form Boxes:
.form_input_text, .form_input_textarea,

Change line 923   background-colour:  rgba(0,0,0,0.05); (That's what I'm using)

I'm not sure, but the font may be used elsewhere, so changing it here will change it in other forms.

If you want to try, the font colour is on line 924.

Just ask if you want to know anything else.

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Ok thanks, that fixed the to and from...but the other fonts are still white and barely readable.





and the send copies and notify

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Quote · 16 Apr 2018

It looks like you've made the background colour on line 351 white.  Obviously white on white isn't good for the user's eyes. As I said in my first post, font colours are often shared throughout the site, so changing the font colour her "may" affect other areas. 

I'll look tonight, but I thought the font colour on line 924 may have altered that.

Please let me know what background colour you plan to use in line 351.

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The font color is line 956

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