Change listing view of fields on Profile page

I tried to find this in the .css, but couldn't locate it, so it appears it is hardcoded.  Anyone know where I can make the change to reflect the blow, please? Dolphin 7.4.2

Currently looks like this:


Looking For
But want it to look like this:

Username: TestUser

Status: Active
Gender: Man
Looking For: Woman
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Hello Macfioon!


The mentioned parts relate to the form styles and depend from the files templates/base/forms_adv.css (may be customized in templates/tmpl_[your template code like uni]/css/forms_adv.css). But to limit your changes only for the profile / profile info pages you need to place your new CSS rules to templates/tmpl_[your template code like uni]/css/sprofile_view.css file. Don't forget to clear the cache in your Admin Panel->Tools->Cache area.

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Thank you very much!

Ill go look it up. :)

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Like this?


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