Changing Template hard Code not working

I have folder template in /templates/name_template/

I add several code in splash.html and save it,

when I check the page is not changing anything, even if i delete all code in splash.html (just delete code and save it blank file),

but it change when I delete splash.html (not just code but the file either).


can anyone have solution for this. I can't found solution about 7 days, it's really annoying.


thank you

Quote · 16 Apr 2018

You need to tell us:

1. What template are you using? If it's a Third Party template, please ask the developer for help.

2. Was the TEMPLATE folder already there or did you create it yourself?

3. Was SPLASH.HTML already there or did you create it yourself.

4. If you added or created it, what splash did you use?

5. Finally, are you familiar with HTML?

The code for splash screens usually goes in /admin/settings/basic settings/splash (Towards the bottom of the page)

Please help as much as you can. It's difficult to help if we have to guess.

Quote · 16 Apr 2018
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