Chaning the template, acces denied


I finaly got orca installed and it works, i had to do it over for like 7 times or so.

But i wanted to change the css a bit, but i could reupload it because of rights filezilla said.

I also tried other ftp clients, but they all say acces denied,

I finally tried to change the right to 777, but i still couldnt replace, edit of remove the file via ftp.

Has this to do with the script, or with my server?

This is the only script with this problem, other files give no problems,...

Quote · 24 Oct 2009

Server side:  Check ownership of files, permissions of files and also permissions of the user who is trying to change the files.  That means  check the cPanel/FTP Permissions from when the DB was created.

Quote · 24 Oct 2009
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