Confirmation Email Issue when joined 1st time

I am running D7.4.2. When I create a new user, I get a message (pls see attached) stating "Email has not been Sent - we could not send the confirmation email.." Please note, I do have my server host IP set in admin SMTP mailer.. Could someone shed some lights please..

Thank you  !

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Quote · 15 May 2020

Yes, I have run into this issue before with people that don't understand the purpose of the SMTP module.  The SMTP module is for using a third party email provider instead of your regular email.  Uninstall the SMTP module; or deactivate it, and see if the confirmation emails will then go out.  You can PM me if you need me to examine things for you.

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Quote · 23 May 2020

I found the solution to my issue & wanted to share it here..

If you are using SSL, you need setup SMTP properly using email authentication and the proper Port no. In my case I am using default port 465. 

In my situation, my emails started to fail because after I switched my site to SSL, I forgot to reconfigure my SMTP because the port # is  different on non-ssl vs ssl.  I also had to create an email Acct and dedicated to SMTP.


Hope this helps.

Quote · 25 May 2020

As long as it is working, then it is OK.  However, the SMTP module is for pointing to an EXTERNAL email server, not the mail server on your server.  You use it when you don't have your own mail server or you wish to use an external mail server for other reasons, such as routing emails through a Gmail account.  I am posting this for others to understand.

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