D742 Videos upload/embedding Issues

Hi Folks, I upgraded to D7.4.2 recently, everything works fine except uploading/embedding Videos that are failing.. I was wondering if anyone had similar issues/resolution for this..

I'd appreciate any help.. Thx.

Quote · 25 Apr 2020

I don't allow members to upload videos because I don't have sufficient space on my VPS server. If you use a shared server with "unlimited" space, be very careful. Not only is space limited, they also watch your bandwidth and most shared servers aren't designed for streaming.

I only allow my members to embed videos and Dolphin only allows embedding from YouTube and maybe Vimeo, although I've never tried the latter.

To make matters worse, the instructions on the embedding page are wrong.

Just use the URL in the address bar of the YouTube video you wish to embed. Keep in mind that YouTuber's can stop you from embedding. It may affect their hit rate, but I've noticed recently that more people are doing it.

I just embedded this video without and issues, so try it yourself and see how you go:




Quote · 26 Apr 2020

Hello Morocco!


The successful video upload may depend form the many factors. So you'd better describe the errors which you met during those attempts, the type of your hosting, the values of memory_size and max_exeution_time parameters.

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