Date Of Birth - Error



I tried signing up as another user to see how if it was all working ok, and I cannot select any other year on the join page besides 2008. have a look:



how do I fix this?



Quote · 9 Nov 2008

i reviewed your site, and the problem is the changes you made on the join form from admin. this does not appear to be the default DOB option for this application. if you made this field yourself, then you will need to add the rest of the years so they are an option for your users. it appears the ajax calendar has been disabled, and thus creating the situation you presently are facing.



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Quote · 9 Nov 2008

thanks for the reply.


how do I make it work? as I am a little confused?


thanks for any help

Quote · 9 Nov 2008

I suggest just to restore join form page from admin area >> builders >> fields >> join

Quote · 11 Nov 2008

is there any way I can just remove the date of birth field? so it is not needed by a profile?


as I cant get it to change from just 2008 on the birth year and also no profiles are appearing in the members page.


any alternatives?

Quote · 11 Nov 2008


in my web page the date calendar works in english but not in spanish could you help me please i dont know what to do 

how do you abilitate the ajax calendar????

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