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My site is getting absolutely clobbered with spam registrations/profiles. I have the Dolphin spam modules active, I've got a challenge question that needs to be answered at registration, I require that the email is confirmed before activation, and you need to pay for an upgraded account before you can do anything (almost). I say almost because it doesn't seem possible to restrict the ability to create your profile/description. So the spammers get through everything, create a profile, and turn the description into an ad for crap. They show up right on the front page as new members and anyone checking them out sees the spam ad.


What are people doing to stop this? My last step I guess is to require that I have to approve every new member which would really be a PITA. Is there a better way?



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Buy this module and block China; that is probably where most of your spammers are coming.  You can also block other countries as is needed.  Yes, it isn't cheap but it is well worth the money.  I have it on my site and I have not had a spam sign up in a long time.

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