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I thought I would see what the downlaod thingie does, i always seem to have it on my site but didn't know what it actually did. So i clicked it and first of all it did this..........

so i acepted the risk but damn if a member clicked that they would about shit themselves. Now i managed to download but windows 10 had no idea what to open the download with. air? what is that? So what exactly is this download thingie? I assuemd it was a quick way to open your site or maybe to pin it to the start thingie in  windows. But now I am not sure, so what is it and what am i doing wrong to make it work

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To open .air files, Adobe Air must be installed:

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I downloaded your desktop no problem. Must be as Alex said.

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I think you have added things that are not part of a basic Dolphin Pro installation.

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I have not added anything, I removed the download thing its just not working anyway

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