Dolphin stopping due to the newer script?

Does that mean, that Dolphin is no longer being updated if the newer script become more active?

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I don't understand your question.

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Do you mean the PHP version? Dolphin doesn't currently support PHP 7 (support is in GitHub and will be included with the next major release). For Dolphin, make sure to use PHP 5.6 for now.

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what i mean, is, are they stopping the script due to the new script they have out now Dolphin "UNA"?


sorry for the late reply

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They are splitting their development time between Dolphin 10 (LEAP) and  Dolphin 10 been sitting at 5% for sometime (impossible to release on time according to their timeline, which is December 2018)., their monthly payment plan platform, will be the priority. Here is the milestone for Dolphin.Pro:


I read somewhere that Andrew is changing how Dolphin.Pro license works in the near future. If it will expedite Dolphin.Pro development and makes Dolphin.Pro a better platform with modern design language and UI, I will be happy to pay for every new major release regardless if it is called Dolphin.Pro 8 or Dolphin 10 or LEAP concept. Names has no meaning, it is the content that matters.

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ah i see, then idk why they want UNA then, its best to stick to one script and leave it as that.. UNA does not look well, plus it not as good in my option.. 


i like how they use the script here as its better then SE, and others, but license is a main issue here.. with high price.

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