What is the Boonex payment module?Eddie Gates started 3 Aug 2022 · deano92964 replied 4 Aug 2022Can anyone please explain what the Boonex payment module is and how do you go about getting the embedly key? Never heard of t...
Hurricane Dorian Sale - 50% Discountmodzzz started 4 Sep 2019 · modzzz replied 6 Dec 2021The Bahamas (where I live) has been devastated by hurricane Dorian. While I did not experience any significant damage (except...
Support Hello???? anybody at home????Martintpm started 10 Nov 2019 · Martintpm replied 12 Nov 2019What is with me theme i bought over a week ago????????Hello????Are you on Holiday????I AM...
awfgewsweytrey started 26 Aug 2019 · weytrey replied 26 Aug 2019asgfw
Buy outright Methen started 7 Feb 2019 · geek_girl replied 7 Feb 2019Can you still buy dolphin out right or can you  only lease it now, as I did not see a option to buy it ?
license for android and apple appssybersolutions started 11 Mar 2018 · Igor_L replied 26 Sep 2018I have been a member since 2007 and have two permanent licenses... I send a support email
Dolphin stopping due to the newer script?spike10 started 25 Apr 2018 · spike10 replied 25 Jun 2018Does that mean, that 
What is the meaning of Commercial License fcbahrain started 15 Mar 2018 · geek_girl replied 15 Mar 2018May I know what is the benefits, level or entitlement of having a "Commercial License" please. Appreciate your explanation pl...
If there a whiteboard chat mod?AKATheJoker started 27 Feb 2018 · AKATheJoker replied 27 Feb 2018Is there a white board chat mod? (perferably with cams) We had a bunch of users in there yesterday messing around. but...
Paid License showing TRIAL errorthefreeman started 29 Jan 2017 · Martintpm replied 2 Feb 2018I have had a paid monthly license since I started the site in November. I have been getting the POPUP asking if I want to Buy...
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