What is the Boonex payment module?

Can anyone please explain what the Boonex payment module is and how do you go about getting the embedly key? Never heard of this before.

Is it an easier option to set up for members than the paypal payflow pro?

I know from experience that members do not like to do much work when it comes to setting up their own payment methods.

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Quote · 3 Aug 2022

Embedly key?  That is not part of the payment module.  The payment module is the boonex module used to process payments and includes about three different ones.  There are other payment processors modules in the market; for example, Stripe payments.

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hi gg, 

       I have installed the Boonex payment module, in settings > advanced > general> payments. below this is a box asking for the embedly key! Not sure if i should leave this blank?

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Quote · 4 Aug 2022

Dolphin supports the use of embedly to allow content from various providers that have embed codes to be more easily embedded into dolphins forum, blog posts, ect.

More info on embedly here. https://embed.ly/

However the service is not free, so i would leave it blank. It is not needed.

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