Error code during installaion

Thanks for any help in advance, we are trying the free version of Boonex for now, and upon accessing the installation page, we see an error for missing fileinfo extension, you can see it here at

We have followed the simple setup instruction and we have the proper system requirements, any help is greatly appreciated.


Quote · 28 Feb 2016

That error indicates the fileinfo extension is not installed.

It is a system requirement, so your hosting is not meeting all "proper system requirements" as you stated.

See this hosting requirement page.

The requirement is listed on this line.

mbstring, mysql, curl, gd, xsl, json, zip, ftp, openssl extensions must be installed (fileinfo and exif are also required for Dolphin 7.2)

You must have missed it.
Quote · 28 Feb 2016

Thanks Deano, I did finally get it, thanks for your help!

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