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Broken like this forum. Can only post a few words at a time.

Featured Polls Block on Polls Home not returning any polls. Same issue on demo

Steve E
Quote · 12 Jan 2018

Is there a problem with this forum? I just posted a message containing ten lines or more.

I don't think this module is complete. As such I forked out and purchased Modzzz version which works.

On the Dolphin version of Polls, Latest Public Polls is also empty despite me having 3 polls active. Also there's no action button to feature a poll.

Quote · 13 Jan 2018

Hello serskine!


To place poll under "Featured" section admin should mark it and press button "Featured" in admin panel of Polls module.


With the best regards, Leonid

Quote · 15 Jan 2018

Thank you for pointing this out, we'll try to add this button in next update:


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Quote · 16 Jan 2018

@LeonidS  - Aware of how to mark a poll Featured but does not work.


@AlexT - any chance you could post the missing code for us to add rather than wait till 7.3 5? Assuming it must have worked once so would be in a previous version.

Steve E
Quote · 16 Jan 2018

Hello serskine!


May you please specify what troubles do you meet during this process? From my side it works fine (Windows 7 / Chrome 63.


With the best regards, Leonid

Quote · 17 Jan 2018
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