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Quote · 31 Jan 2012

I have some fields in settings not filled in because i do not understand what has to go there?

Credentials API username: ?

Credentials API password: ?

Credentials API signature: ?

Are these important? and what goes here?


Any advice or help will be much appreciated as i love this module.



Quote · 14 Mar 2012

Hi, Nathan!


These items required only if you are going to use PayPal mass pay feature. You may read how to install them in admin section -> commissions page.


Also you can see how to install it below:


If you want to use paypal Mass Payment feature you need to get your credentials in your account on paypal. How to do this:


  • Log in to your PayPal Premier or Business account
  • Click the Profile subtab located in the top navigation area
  • Click the API Access link under the Account Information header
  • Click the Request API Credentials link in the right side
  • Choose Request API signature option and click on Agree and Submit button
  • Now you can see your API username, password and signature. You need to put them to Forced Matrix settings here http:/yourdomain/modules/index.php?r=aqb_affiliate/administration/settings


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Quote · 15 Mar 2012

Ahhhh... thaks Anton... No wonder  I didnt see this before lol...


I will be swithching to mass payment method soon when I have my rests finished and everything payment is working together on the site.

Do you know if paypal charge for a business account?


Nathan : )

Quote · 15 Mar 2012

Hi, Nathan!

You may check this link for more about PayPal accounts.

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Quote · 15 Mar 2012


The product was updated.

Change log:

1.  Additional services were added. They are needed for communication with the other modules and are already used in Facebook Inviter module.

2. Several fixes and improvements were added.

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Quote · 11 May 2012


New version 1.0.9 was released.

Several corrections for improvements were done and also this module now available for 7.1 version.

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Quote · 21 Nov 2012

I have your Forced Matrix for Affiliate\Referrals System  how to proceed with ver 2.0 ? 

Will I get upgrade file or everything has to be installed newly by losing old data ?

Quote · 13 Jul 2015

Hello! Upgrade script is not available, but we can perform transfer for you.
If you like to upgrade up to the 2.0 version, you just need to pay difference $50 and we will install it for you and transfer data.

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Quote · 13 Jul 2015



New price for Forced Matrix for Affiliate\Referrals System

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Quote · 6 Jun 2016
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