Friends Block is only single column

The Dolphin Friends block places everything in a single column and this is a big waste of space. It may look okay in a narrow column down one side, but it looks shocking in a wider column. I'd like to have the listing in three cloumns similar to the lower two samples in my photo. They're Modzzz modules.

Any suggestions?


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Quote · 24 Jun 2019

Please ignore this. I just noticed that I have it elsewhere in a single narrow column and it looks okay there. It would be a helpful option in future versions however.

Quote · 25 Jun 2019

That is just CSS; use inspector to find out.  I also changed it so that the list was floated.

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Quote · 25 Jun 2019

Sorry for the delayed response. I thought someone may have been able to point me to the offending code, but as it turned out, I had duplicated the block anyway. I still get confused with CSS. I can easily change the width of the names column, but not the width of its container.

As I said, no hurry. I have other concerns at present.

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