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Quote · 18 Sep 2015

With this push I have a couple of questions.

1. Can certain usergroups be notified via text message of replies to specific questions. Example, if I post various questions on a wall, would I be able to specify which questions I want to be notified about when people respond?

2. If I set up an account, can I verify that I am a legit user via confirmation code sent via mobile text? Most of my clients will be using there mobile devices to interact and register on the site. Would be great if it communicated via text message for them.

3. As a member, when I accumulate alot of friends I may decide to place certain friends in a specific group. With that specific group, is it possible to set it up so I am notified via text messaging that someone has an immediate question that needs to be answered right away?


The reason why I'm asking is that I see your setup for the IOS/apple phone and was wondering about the abilities that it may have currently. Thank you for your time.

Mario - CandelabrumGroup
Quote · 14 Oct 2015

Hi Mario,

Thank you for your questions.

I'm afraid they are not related to push-notifications, but to text messaging (SMS?).


1. It does possible with custom work.

2. Such verification needed only when you want to confirm user phone number. Sending and receiving text messages requires integration of third-party SMS services (they are not free and might be costly).

3. Again — I'm not sure if you are talking about SMS or push-notifications. But It does possible.


Please feel free to write me a personal email to if you have any certain questions.
Quote · 14 Oct 2015

Thanks. I'm probley referring to SMS. I was probley using the wrong term. Thanks again for quick response.

Mario - CandelabrumGroup
Quote · 14 Oct 2015
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