Group Cover Module Support (Modzzz)

This is the Support forum for the Group Cover mod.

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Quote · 2 Nov 2017

Hi, nice mod. thx.


A minor problem: The SUB GROUP ICON is not shown on its PARENT GROUP page in the TAB SUBGROUPS, the default ICON is shown instead.


Any ideas?

Quote · 7 Apr 2018

@Peter - The Group Icon has nothing to do with the Group Cover. The Icon is chosen from the album of Photos that are uploaded to the Group. If no Photo is uploaded to the Group then the default Icon shows.

Paypal email is -
Quote · 8 Apr 2018

thx modzzz for the quick reply. I had - dont know why - to reinstall the Group Cover module.

Works like a charm.

Quote · 8 Apr 2018
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