HOW TO: Store & Payment Setup - part 2

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Can anyone help me, i have been researching and researching and testing the store product, even created a sandbox account, but for some reason if a user clicks on add to cart then checks out & proceeds with the whole purchase they are not redirected to the product. In addition if u attempt to go back to the product in which u bought, the download button is not there. Help please!

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Quote · 4 Dec 2012

Installed payment module on a fresh 7.1B2.

When updating the Payment details for Paypal and save, nothing is stored. Cells go back to its original state.

Is this a bug others have seen as well?

I'm using IE8 and cleared all cache.


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The below is no good to me as i also use Paypal for my web hosting business and my Website Payment Preferences
is set up for this business with WHMCS setups.



ou will need to copy that Data Return URL for PayPal below:


Setup PayPal to receive payments:

Login to PayPal

Under Profile click More Options

Under Selling Preferences click Website Payment Preferences

Set Auto Return to ON

Return URL = (paste the Data Return URL here)

Click Save | |
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Zarcon:  Thanks so much for providing this information! 

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ProfessorSr helped yesterday how to set it up, something with IPN settings 

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Quote · 19 Apr 2013

I'm still unclear on what happens when you are admin AND you are selling in the store.

Presumably, you add your admin cart checkout link /m/payment/act_finalize_checkout/paypal/0 to receive membership payments.  But then as a store seller you need to add the other cart m/payment/act_finalize_checkout/paypal/1503 to paypal to get a redirect for both carts.

If I add multiple carts to my single Paypal account will ALL of them work?  I cant seem to test this.


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If this was written using the PayPal SDK, than there most likely is the issue.

Development for the PayPal SDK is done from the US and written specific for the US. I was told by the head of PayPal EMEA that they do not use the SDK because it does not work for the rest of the world. They use their own code instead, because it takes less time to write your own code than to debug the PayPal SDK.


The documentation for writing your own code is good, but the sandbox environment in use by PayPal... A well, its "free" to use. Just don't trust it to work on your production site, without a full testing cycle!



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here is a feedback for paypal Direct payment with D7.3 not tested with PDT nor IPN mode but that should work too with modifications.
You have to modify some files in order to make it work (protocol HTTP1.1 for paypal).
In \modules\boonex\payment\classes\BxPmtPayPal.php because of the used version of HTTP for communicating through the socket:
    function _readValidationData($sConnectionUrl, $sRequest)
        $iErrCode = 0;
        $sErrMessage = "";
        if($this->getOption('cnt_type') == PP_CNT_TYPE_SSL)
            $rSocket = fsockopen("ssl://" . $sConnectionUrl, 443, $iErrCode, $sErrMessage, 60);
            $rSocket = fsockopen("tcp://" . $sConnectionUrl, 80, $iErrCode, $sErrMessage, 60);
        // Is connexion ok ?
            return array('code' => 2, 'message' => 'Can\'t connect to remote host for validation (' . $sErrMessage . ')');
        // Else put message on socket with paypal server
        fputs($rSocket, "POST /cgi-bin/webscr HTTP/1.1\r\n"); // Protocol HTTP/1.1 and "\r\n\r\n" as separator
        fputs($rSocket, "Host: $sConnectionUrl\r\n");
        fputs($rSocket, "Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded\r\n");
        fputs($rSocket, "Content-length: " . strlen($sRequest) . "\r\n");
        fputs($rSocket, "Connection: close\r\n\r\n");
        fputs($rSocket, $sRequest . "\r\n\r\n");  
        // wait for response from Paypal
        $sResponse = '';
            $sResponse .= fread($rSocket, 1024);

        list($sResponseHeader, $sResponseContent) = explode("\r\n\r\n", $sResponse);

        return array('code' => 0, 'content' => explode("\n", $sResponseContent));
Moreover, "content" field is badly tested in     function _validateCheckout(&$aData):
--> change $aResponse['content'][1] in place of $aResponse['content'][0]

            if(strcmp($aResponse['content'][1], "INVALID") == 0)
                return array('code' => -1, 'message' => _t('_payment_pp_err_wrong_transaction'));
            else if(strcmp($aResponse['content'][1], "VERIFIED") != 0)
                return array('code' => 2, 'message' => _t('_payment_pp_err_wrong_verification_status'));
Be aware that  the dateExpires field can block the cart update in inc\
function setMembership
Modify following your needs...
Hope it helps as I lost many hours on this :)

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Thank you @tvween

We'll consider it for next version:

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Thank you @tvween

We'll consider it for next version:

The issue was fixed.

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