Happy New Year Everyone.

Yeah! Hope you all enjoyed the fireworks. 

Let's hope more people use the forum in future to voice their opinion about Dolphin and nothing else. We have a lot of ground to cover, but we need the support of the group who watch, listen and learn, but prefer to continuously remain silent.

I share my new year's wishes with you as well.

Quote · 31 Dec 2018

Happy New Year.

And a Happy New Year to Dolphin which will continue on and on through the support of the community.

Geeks, making the world a better place
Quote · 31 Dec 2018

Happy New Year To All!!  Dolphin will stay forever! :)

"Your future is created by you do today not tomorrow." @ www.dexpertz.net
Quote · 1 Jan 2019

Happy new year to everyone.

Quote · 2 Jan 2019

A happy New Year to everyone also from my side!

Let's hope Dolphin will still stay alive for a very long time!

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