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Man Of Teal and UNAnewton27 started 10 Nov 2016 · newton27 replied 6d agoWell, so far Man Of Teal has really grown a robust membership and the new UNA has worked well for my format.   ...
Boonex Censorship?geek_girl started 9 Mar 2019 · LeonidS replied 11 Mar 2019It appears that Boonex is now removing posts they don't like; not posts that violate any ToS but simply they don't like.
Australian Consumer Protectiongeek_girl started 8 Jan 2019 · geek_girl replied 8 Jan 2019We might want to start educating ourselves on Australian consumer protection laws.
Happy New Year Everyone.johnk42 started 31 Dec 2018 · Annnalotta replied 2 Jan 2019Yeah! Hope you all enjoyed the fireworks.  Let's hope more people use the forum in future to voice their opinion about...
Looking for some fun in the next few months :Pjtadeo started 7 Sep 2018 · ProfessorSr replied 10 Sep 2018I dealt with a lot of foo the past few years with my health, circumstances, and to be honest just life things. I'm back...aga...
Is Dolphin Dying ?luclonely started 28 Aug 2013 · ProfessorSr replied 2 Sep 2018Here are the factors that I think will kill Dolphin software: 1- Price too high. 2- Lacking the look and feel o...
when will be Dolphin leap 10 launch ?sureandhraindia started 4 Feb 2018 · sureandhraindia replied 5 Feb 2018When will this dolphin leap comes, is there any near date?
VR VideosTruckingSpace started 18 Oct 2017 · geek_girl replied 5 Nov 2017Question? Why has no one talked about the VR videos? Everyone else like facebook and google+ has the ability to upload...
A decade of Dolphinjtadeo started 13 Aug 2017 · jtadeo replied 16 Aug 2017I remember when I first saw Dolphin 6 and it was so amazing to me. Back then, I was trying to make my own social networking p...
Want some un-biased results about your site?newton27 started 1 Apr 2011 · newton27 replied 10 Jun 2017
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