Is a P2P social network a viable concept?

I was wondering if a Peer to Peer social network would be a viable concept.  The idea being that all of a users content and posts would reside on their own computer, along with a P2P client.  You'd still need a host server, but only to process information requests and to identifying information for each client on the network.   I know people already have frameworks like this, but only for relatively small user bases... but what about for millions of users?


Why, you might ask. 

1. So someone like AWS can't make a site like disappear overnight.

2. So that storage of mass quantities of data are distributed over millions of locations

3. User data would be very secure on their own computer, instead of being stored in a central location.

4. Easily monetized by charging a modest amount for the client software.


Not that long ago, the answer to the question would be a simple 'No'.  Now that internet connection speeds have increased dramatically, the answer shoul at least be a 'maybe'.



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