Has anyone seen this weird bug in Administration?

Hi All, I have two versions of my site online, the demo site and the live (production) site. When I log into Administration and I am using the profile fields section, I notice that the boxes are now appearing like this

below. This started recently and I was going to ignore it but there have been other strange little bugs appearing in the last week. The demo site is completely fine ( this is just happening on the live site). Does anyone have any idea about this or can tell me what to look for? 


Link to screenshot: https://prnt.sc/sv6mqg  (or see attached)




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Quote · 7 Jun 2020

This may have nothing to do with the problem, but you could try it.

I had an issue with the main site and a cloned practice site being under the same URL:

mainsite.com and mainsite.com/demo.

The sites were identical other than for the databases and database passwords. I noticed that if I made changes on the cloned site, those changes sometimes appeared in the main site as well. It was mainly to do with adding or removing photos, but not always.

I wrote about it here and nobody could offer any assistance, other than to say it shouldn't happen.

I eventually began to believe it had something to do with cookies which Dolphin uses. It also seemed to be when I was logged in to both sites at the same time. Once I made a habit of logging out of one site before logging into the other, the problem stopped.

I did notice that I was unable to log out of the cloned site if I was logged in to the main one and that's when I suspected the cookies may be at fault. To overcome the problem, I had to log out of the main site, go back to the demo site and log out, then log in on the main site again.

May I suggest you make sure you're logged out of the demo site, open the main site, clear the cache, your site cookies and your site cache using your browser. Then refresh the browser. That's four separate things. If it still persists, something else is obviously amiss.

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You can clear cache manually via cpanel or ftp and reload the site.

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That box should have popped up in the centre of the screen and  you should see your fields listed behind it.  Keep in mind that the admin uses CSS in the uni template.  My position was that admin should have a separate style outside of the templates but Boonex wouldn't listen to me.

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Quote · 9 Jun 2020

Thanks for the comments everyone, I have tried clearing the cache. I guess I'm confused as to why the boxes are now appearing like this https://prnt.sc/sv6mqg  instead of like this https://prnt.sc/sxkli8? Is this a bug? Should I be looking out for something? Or is this just css as @geek_girl suggests. But then why would it be different on the sites since the codebase and css is the same? 


Please see screenshots attached if you do not want to open links.

Any ideas would be helpful, thanks. 

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Quote · 11 Jun 2020

It's most certainly not a bug because you seem to be the only person having the problem. A bug is something everyone experiences, even the programmer when he or she uses the script.

Did you try closing down the cloned site temporally as I suggested? Cleaning the Cache is only one of the things you should do at this stage. Your browser has its own cache and that must be cleared as well. Also cookies which can sometimes retain conflicting information.

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OK, let me ask directly; have you made any changes in the template files?

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Answer to your question:






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