Help. Home page isn't working when you Login/Join!

The template that I'm using isn't working upon Login at all. It just shows the content without any graphics. All the other templates won't let me Login. I don't know what to make of it at all. I can only Login through the account page. After I login everything else on the template seems to be working fine, even the home page. please check attachment.

Anyone,please help!!

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Quote · 22 Feb 2012

Clear the cache and then turn off Js/css caching.

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Quote · 22 Feb 2012

That one template is still not working right. Maybe it's messed up. I'll have make the members use a different template for now.

I dunno

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Any idea what would cause something like that?

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Looks like Dolphin cannot include CSS files into the page. I cannot definitely tell you the reason of the issue without an investigation. 

Also I recommend you to contact with the vendor of custom template, if the problem appears in the template only. May be he has some quick fix for the issue. 

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Quote · 23 Feb 2012

First I want to thx to those who have helped me work out my bugs. Thank-you!

I went and deleted all the tmdhosting templates and all my issues went away.... after much frustration.

I say tmdhosting templates should be removed from the market list. It has too many bugs.

I highly recomend that Boonex looks into what works and what doesn't as it reflects very bad. As a result I now have to add things very slowly to my so site out of fear that something won't work at any given time.

I like Dolphin a lot. I think that it can be great one day and that's why I'm here. I just wish the extensions/add-ons would go through an approval stage before being released to the pubic.

Thx again for all your help. i couldn't have done it alone!!

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