How to change index videos photos size

I have alt template. I want to change the size of the index page videos and photos size.  How I do that?  The original size is 240. if, any one know please let me know.

thank you


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In modules; photos and videos, there is a settings link; for photos it navigate to /m/photos/administration/settings.  You will find the sizes for photos thumbs and icons.  Please note this will only affect the newly added photos and videos since the old icons and thumbs were added before your changes.

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Thanks for reply. But, I couldnot find for thumb nail size. I want to change the size of index page photo size.

I am using alt template.  How I can find?

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The information supplied by @geekgirl only applies to photo sizes as far as I know. On my site I'm unable to alter the size of thumbnails or icons there unless I'm missing something.

Keep in mind that in reducing the photo size to (say) 700 w or 700 h does not delete the original photo which can be huge. Thus Dolphin is quite greedy when it comes to photos. It produces several thumbnails and icons, plus the main (reduced) photo and also hangs on to the original. I found that by deleting the original and reducing thumbnail sizes as you request, saves a mountain of disk space and makes your site load a little faster.

If you play around with some code you can actually choose the perfect size for your thumbs although I suggest you choose 120 or 240 px. As it's a relatively complicated process and one I felt I may forget, I produced a paper for future reference. Please read through it carefully and always do the changes on a practice site first.

Good luck. I'm delighted with the look of my site and this document went along way towards me achieving my goals.

Document attached. E.& O.E

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Thank you so much. And,your time. It's help. I did.

Thank you again


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Anyone know how to change video thumb nail size.  I tried in BxSoundsConfig.php but it's not working. Anyone know how?

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First of all you may try to change it via:

1) css settings. Find in your template file templates/tmpl_***/css/common.css, settings 

.sys_file_search_unit, .sys_file_search_pic and .sys_file_search_pic img.

2) If you need desperately to change pictures themselves then you need to change settings in modules/boonex/videos/classes/BxVideosConfig.php, change the values "w" and "h" in the following lines:

            'browse' => array('postfix' => THUMB_FILE_NAME . IMAGE_EXTENSION, 'image' => true, 'w' => 240, 'h' => 240, 'square' => true),

            'browse2x' => array('postfix' => THUMB_FILE_NAME . '_2x' . IMAGE_EXTENSION, 'image' => true, 'w' => 480, 'h' => 480, 'square' => true),

NB! Point 2 will affect on videos whcih were uploaded after this changes.

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I actually haven't played with videos, but I added a block to my home page and the images hwere resized to 140 x 140 as per my PDF. 

Something you need to consider is this: Most photos and videos are rectangular yet Dolphin's thumbnails are square. You can make them rectangular, but it tends to make the page layout look terrible and most images probably will be distorted. Sometimes a downloaded video will have the black letterbox bars top and bottom, but in other instances, Dolphin will only display part of the image. See samples.

The left image is a screen shot of the video.

The right image shows the bit Dolphin has snatched to create the thumb. it's always the middle bit.

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Thanks for the reply guys.  I try all but I change the photo size. I couldnt change the video size. The code is different from the photos code. Anyway, thanks again.


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I must apologise in a way. My paper was aimed at saving disk space by reducing the size of photos stored on the server. I do need to write an additional document explaining how to make photos appearing in each module smaller. It's not a huge task, so please enjoy the new year festivities and I'll try to prepare something tomorrow.

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Sorry for the delay. Here's a document that shows how to make the thumbnails on your Dolphin site much  smaller than the Dolphin originals. I've used the standard EVO template, so the sizes I've shown may vary if you're using a different template or using different size columns.

This task isn't easy because several files are involved. Take your time and keep clearing the cache. Some files may be CORE files which could be modified with the next Dolphin update. My document doesn't go into how you should protect your CORE files by creating file overrides. That's another subject.

I've implemented similar changes on my site and I'm very happy with the way it looks.

Comments and suggestions are welcome because this may NOT be the best way of doing the job. I tend to work with "brute force" and if it works, why fix it?

Good luck. 

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excellent paper JohnK42, many thanks

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Thank you so much.


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Excellent John, thank You!

(I'm still working on the 'delete original' issue, no idea why this doesn't work on my site... )


Anyway, this 'How To' is excellent and easy to do,


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Hi Peter, I'm putting this here in case anyone else uses the tutorial. I modified my Photos Module tonight and it's working fine. A reminder to everyone: By removing the original, the crop tool doesn't work any more. As the tool was fairly limited, the trade-off was worth it for me. Hopefully I'll get the tool working again soon and I'll let you know what I did.

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