How to reorder articles

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I wrote a series of articles that describe things step by step.

I have just made changes to one  of the articles and now my articles called READ ME FIRST is the last on the list.  Is there a way to reorder articles in a specific order.

Maybe it could be a great ideas for an addon  module.  Where you could have an arrow up and one arrow down to move an article up and down

Does anyone know how the articles can be reordered



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I would start by adding a sorting field of some kind to the database table and the Add Article form. Then find the query that retrieves the list of articles and add the ORDER BY part. Just a quick answer for you. Hope that helps.
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change the upload date

yes, I searched before asking....
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Unfortunately I do not wish to modify tables as I am not a programmer myself.

I have tried to change the PUBLISH DATE and that does not change the order of the articles.

Something is use to order the articles but I don't know what is used

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I finally figured it out.

The articles are ordered based on the TITLE of the artilcle.

So using numbering such as "1.Name of the of the article" solved my issue.

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