Html link to profile edit?


Did someone know the link to profile edit (pedit.php) for the email templates? I want to have the link to the profile edit page of the logged in member in a mail. But which is correct?

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No one here know that?

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There isn't one specifically for the profile editor. But you can construct a link using the members ID. This should work in your email templates.

<a href="<Domain>pedit.php?ID=<recipientID>"><Domain>pedit.php?ID=<recipientID></a>

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Thanks so much. Thats what I wanted to know.

Have a great weekend!


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I have one more question regarding the links in email templates.

I asked some people but no one could answer that. Maybe some one here can help with it.


Greeting from the other member notification letter template.

The standard way is this: "Send greeting: <VKissLink>"

But I want "send greeting" as anchor text. Not the long link as anchor text in the mail, just "Send greeting".

I tried some ways to play with the link but always bad results.

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That would require the VKissLink be rewritten.

In the root of your site open greet.php

At about line 183 look for this.

    $sKissLink = $sender
        ? '<a href="' . BX_DOL_URL_ROOT . 'greet.php?fullpage=1&sendto=' . $member['ID'] . '&from=' . $recipient['ID'] . '&ConfCode=' . $sConfCode . '">' . BX_DOL_URL_ROOT . 'greet.php?sendto=' . $member['ID'] . '&from=' . $recipient['ID'] . '&ConfCode=' . $sConfCode . '</a>'
        : '<a href="' . BX_DOL_URL_ROOT . 'communicator.php">' . BX_DOL_URL_ROOT . 'communicator.php</a>';

Change to this.

    $sKissLink = $sender
        ? '<a href="' . BX_DOL_URL_ROOT . 'greet.php?fullpage=1&sendto=' . $member['ID'] . '&from=' . $recipient['ID'] . '&ConfCode=' . $sConfCode . '">Send Greeting</a>'
        : '<a href="' . BX_DOL_URL_ROOT . 'communicator.php">Send Greeting</a>';

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Thanks a lot Dean! It was a great help for me.

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