Ich habe noch 4 lizenzen


Hi Leute,
wer ist denn hier noch richtig aktiv und kann mich weiterhelfen?

Ich besitze noch ein paar Lizenzen und möchte die mal langsam wieder online bringen. Also meine erste Frage ist eigentlich welschen Server nehmen, um die Software zu installieren, um sie sauber zum Laufen zu bringen.


Hi guys,
who is still really active here and can help me?

I still have a few licenses and would like to slowly bring them back online. So my first question is actually which server to use to install the software to get it to work properly.

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Contact Geek_Girl if you need a supported server. She's about the only skilled Dolphin person offering servers that I know of.

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Hello tcex!


You may install Dolphin on any hosting which satisfies these requirements https://www.boonex.com/trac/dolphin/wiki/DolTech

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Falls du noch einen Server suchst melde dich einfach bei mir. Deutscher Support inklusive ;)


http://www.boonex.com/market/posts/paansystems - your resource for Dolphin Pro
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I can offer VPS and Dedicated servers; I can also offer shared hosting if you have a small site; if your site grows too large so that it is using too many resources, you will be asked to move to a VPS or dedicated server.  VPS and Dedicated can be USA or Europe.  Shared is only USA location.

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I am hosting with geek_girl and the service is great.

Paypal email is jeromemingo@gmail.com - http://www.boonex.com/market/posts/modzzz
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I am hosting with geek_girl and the service is great.

Thank you Modzzz, I appreciate the endorsement.

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