Install chat+ windows server

Hello everyone! We can not install the chat + or rockectchat in windows server 2012.

We followed every sort of guide but no solved the problem.


We were disappointed by this community because when we bought the license we expected that everything was working properly.


There is no official guidance from BoonEx on how to install the chat +.

Before releasing the final version should make sure that all components are working properly.


We purchased Boonex Dolphin because it is compatible with Windows and because it has a chat included now we find that both are not true.


We ask again a istalazzione the chat wizard + without smashing in millions of technicalities.


Thank you all

Quote · 13 May 2016

Hi Surprise. You can download Dolphin for free, config it, set it up, play with it, if it doesn't work, delete it. All without paying one cent.

What you're saying is you purchased something without trying it?

No matter how good the packaging on the box looks, all retail shops selling you something provide demos in store to let you see what works, what doesn't and what you don't like.

Boonex takes it one step further by allowing you to run it free forever, only need to pay when you want their branding removed.

Quote · 14 May 2016

Chat+ is separate piece of software (Rocket.Chat)  which was integrated into Dolphin.

Chat+ can be installed on Windows, installation procedure is the same as in Rocket.Chat, you can refer to thei guide:

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Quote · 14 May 2016

I have to admit i tried it on windows server a coupe times and couldn't get it going ...   If i recall you have to do a few extra things to get it going that are not documented.  


When i get some from time ill give it another go. - Skype: Dolphin Techs
Quote · 14 May 2016

The link we know it already. Before writing we have followed step by step as reported in the document.


We can assure you that what is written it does not work, and this I can also confirm the rocketchat team.


We reiterate that since the chat + was included in the version 7.3 (we have purchased version 7.2) there must be a tutorial or guide for installation.


otherwise it is said that is not windows compatible



Quote · 16 May 2016

Hi surprise. Why not just install it on Linux then? it's far superior to Windows and just works as documented, no fiddling, no problems.

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