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Hi Folks,

I am running D7.3.5. I setup "Enable Registration By Invitation Only" in Admin, now I need to create an email to invite couple people. Could someone help where/how I can do that ?

I also would like to remove Captcha from Join page - is this something I can do from Admin or within the source code ? please help.

Thank you. 

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I'm not sure where the email template is, but there will be one hidden somewhere on the site. You say you only want to invite a couple of people, well the site is set up to work as Invite only or anyone can join, not both. The best thing to do is invite them via your normal email and give them the link to the site and possibly the join form. Modzzz has a module for this as well and it may be more flexible. I've actually purchased his module, but haven't tried it yet so I can't comment.

Removing the Captcha is easy, but you may end up being flooded with spammers. If you want to remove it because you don't have a Recaptcha API code, consider replacing it with the Friday Captcha. Oddly I was about to write a tutorial for the Friday Captcha tonight, but you beat me to it. I'll post it here when it's finished.

To remove the Captcha:

1. Go to admin/builders/Profile Fields/Fields Builder  The Join Form is usually the first form listed and it's on the left. The Captcha block is on the bottom of column 2.

2. Drag the item to Inactive Items below. (See screenshot)

All done!  


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Here's a copy of the Captcha Tutorial. Please note that the Recaptcha is used elsewhere on the site such as the Contact Us page. These areas won't work without an API key and I haven't shown how to bypass them in my tutorial. I apologise in advance if there are any mistakes. I haven't proof read it yet.

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Thank you so much John ! The reason I wanted to ENABLE REGISTRATION BY INVITE is because I've bee having issues with Captcha. I will try the steps you provided on the attached pdf and see if I can enable Captcha instead.

You are right, disabling Captcha can lead to more attacks by spammers, for this reason I thought to ENABLE REGISTRATION BY INVITE if I can't get Captcha to work properly. 

Thanks again !!

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