Is Boonex Slowly Shutting Down?

Hello, been searching online for some Boonex links and to my suprise. Many of them is down, for example .


Whats next, removing boonex license from the site?


Is this Possible?

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Quote · 8 Apr 2023

Boonex is not slowly shutting down Dolphin, it's essentially shut down already. Boonex plans to stop supporting it in the later half of this year. Much has been written about this and there's a notice stating that fact on the top of each page of this forum. 

The final version of Dolphin (7.4.2) came out a couple of years ago and it works with PHP 7xxx. There will be NO further releases of Dolphin and there won't be any upgrades or fixes as far as I know. Boonex wants you to use UNA and you can transfer your license to there to gain more features. However, Dolphin third party modules won't work over there.

As long as PHP 7xxx is around Dolphin and your license should continue to work. It may work after that, but it will depend on the backward compatibility of PHP 8xxxx

Boonex have left most, if not all the support pages there, so the 500 error is one they may fix when they get to hear about it.

If you plan to build a site and run it on an external server, a VPS server like Digital-Ocean with Hestia panel are a good start. That's what I use.

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I have paid several licenses for dolphin and I cannot upgrade, the download pages for the patch are no longer available. 

This is a mess
Quote · 19 Apr 2023

What's going on here?
Quote · 24 Apr 2023

In the same way Volkswagen stopped manufacturing the Beetle and electronics firms stopped making Video Tape, Boonex has stopped developing Dolphin. They've been supporting it via this forum for a couple of years, but that's about to finish. It seems the Wiki link has closed down or the link is broken, but guys, time is up anyway!

Either move over to UNA or find an alternative before it's too late. In all fairness, they gave us enough time to do something, so we can't complain.

PM me if you need help.

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Hey Johnk42, thanks so much.

I finally got it, moving on.


question, do we still own full rights of the modules and can it

be installed on other software?

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Yes to all. 

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Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.