Kolimarfey World Map for Groups, Events and Ads

This is support thread for World Map for Groups, Events and Ads module for Dolphin 7

Quote · 16 Feb 2010


I bought the module but the boonex system didn't proceed it and I can not download it.

I send you a message yesterday but maybe you didn't get it.

PLEASE proceed it manualy.


Quote · 23 Nov 2010
World Map for Groups, Events and Ads I tried to install this and have had quite a few issues...........this is the error I am getting...... Installation of: Kolimarfey Google Maps Failed -- Changing database: -- -- There are errors in the following MySQL queries: -- -- Error: INSERT INTO `sys_menu_top` (`Parent`, `Name`, `Caption`, `Link`, `Order`, `Visible`, `Target`, `Onclick`, `Check`, `Editable`, `Deletable`, `Active`, `Type`, `Picture`, `Icon` Please advise I am running 7.0.6...........
Quote · 13 Jul 2011

R u there? Support for this product?

Quote · 13 Jul 2011

do you have the rest of the sql error.  if i had to guess your sys_menu_top has extra fields in it that the insert query is missing.

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