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I see with version 7.2 that the code for listing comments has changed.  How do I list the newest comments at the top with older comments below?

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Quote · 11 Feb 2018

Hello geek_girl!


Not sure that i've got about 7.2 version. But you may try to change order in Dolphin by default via changing this field in inc/classes/BxDolCmts.php:


var $_sOrder = 'desc';

and in this line in inc/classes/BxDolCmtsQuery.php


function getComments ($iId, $iCmtParentId = 0, $iAuthorId = 0, $sCmtOrder = 'ASC', $iStart = 0, $iCount = -1)

change "ASC" to "DESC".


then call of this method will have another order.


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