Making Changes? Clear Your Cache!

Just wanted to make a point that when you are making changes and/or modifications to your site, you wouldn't believe how sometimes clearing your cache can resolve your issues. When all else fails, Clear Your Cache!

I have seen several posts of people making changes but they do not reflect whenever they view it on their site. Here is a way to clear all the cached files used by Dolphin:

- Login to your site via FTP

- Delete all files within the /cache directory (except for the .htaccess file)

- Delete all files within the /cache_public directory

*** Optional - You can remove the caching options all together by navigating to Admin Panel>Settings>Advanced Settings>Template

Remove the check marks from the following....

Enable cache for HTML files:

Enable cache for images:

Enable cache for CSS files:

Enable cache for JS files:

Also, If you make changes to ANY files in Orca Forum, then you need to Recompile the Language. You can do that from within the Admin Panel>Modules>Orca Forum then click Compile Language:en in the top right of the forum box. There is a cache directory for the Forum as well located here: modules/boonex/forum/cachejs/

Just some helpful tips to provide to those who need it.


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18 Jan 2010

Good post Chris - trying this first would probably eliminate about 25 percent of the issues here.

18 Jan 2010

I always recommend that while a site is under development, the caching options in admin should be left off and not turned back on until the site is done.

Maybe the dolphin install should default to those values off. It would save a lot of headaches me thinks.
18 Jan 2010
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