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Quote · 5 May 2017

Can the menu module be integrated into the locations module? We are trying to solve the issues of the following desired results 

1) bands module

2)locations module 

3) menu system for restaurants

4) ratings available for individual menu items


Can menu be changed to allow ratings of individual menu item? 1-5 stars plus up to 150 character review? 


A Best Of page in Restaurants where visitor can just go through food categories to get top 25 listings on menu items within category like Hamburgers... Showing the top rated menu items by rating and like back to Restaurant page? This reaches the endless questions of what's the Best Pizza, what's the best Steak... Etc.. .


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Quote · 24 Sep 2018

Menu can be integrated with Bands, Restaurants and Locations. For Locations you would have to provide me with details of how it should be done since location has a bunch of sub-sections such as Nightlife, Shop etc.

Regarding ratings of individual menu item, that would have to be done as a custom job. PM me if interested.

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Quote · 26 Sep 2018

Did a test of the Restaurant and menu on the test site, and I ran into a couple of challenges:

1) Restaurant posting was smooth and information stored was excellent. But when you go to the specific restaurant page, the restaurant NAme and logo are missing within the description block.

2) Using the MENU , I setup a menu item, but the one thing that was definitely missing was a field for TAGS on the food items. That would enable the ability to search for pizza, hamburger, gyro ETC.... that tags block should be also on the main restaurant page.

3) clicking on the TAG in the TAGS block or clicking on the search should bring up either a list or grid or ordered list of matches with the picture at top then the following 




STAR rating


This would always solve the endless question of "What Do You Want To Eat? and display them in sort order of  proximity, then rating.



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Quote · 25 Mar 2019
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