Messed up when replying

Hi I am new to Dolphin.


When someone reply on a comment will end up like this on a mobile. Please check the img attached

Can it be fix or settings like on facebook commenting system?


I am  using the EVO templates.

Thank you in advance!

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Quote · 16 Mar 2021

Hello.  I think part of the problem is that Dolphin has tables for the reply.  I mean to look into changing the tables layout; or actually removing the table layout.  If you like, I can take it on as a job for you that will take out of the "when I have time" to "now because I have been hired to do it."

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Quote · 4 Apr 2021

Train your members to turn their phone sideways like a TV screen or a computer monitor then you won't have the problem.


Evo is designed for Computers and tablets. If you want perfection, you'll need to get Geek_Girl to fix it or use the Boonex phone App.

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