This has probably been asked before, and the "fix"/tweak is probably already there, however I have been looking, and searching, and old forum threads from like 2009 does not have working photos anymore, so I'd rather ask.
Please link me directly to an old thread if I have missed it.

Simple Messenger. Via the profile of the person you would talk to - Chat - And the window appears on your bottom bar after you send the message.
Messenger - Good old fashioned messaging
Both of these works as intended with my Dolphin Site.

Now, any way of having the chat tab visible at any time? Preferably already on your bottom bar?
Sort of like the typical Facebook Chat system that they have.

Of course, if this cannot be done with Simple Messenger - is there a favoured app that the community would recommend?

What have I missed? Amaze me glorious community! 

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Shame this never got an answer.

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It's not the first unanswered question on the forum, but things have vastly improved in the past year or so with most questions being answered.

Simple messenger is one-on-one, thus it appears on the other person's profile. I'm not sure how facebook's chat works.

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Hello everybody!


As johnk42 answered - Simple messenger is 1-1 only, so if you want to have the more advanced chat better to install a Chat+ module.

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