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Im currently running a site with several domains pointing towards the same host.

Is it possible to get Dolphin to coop with that, or am I forced to buy several licenses?


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/Hasse L

Quote · 25 May 2008

As you know BoonEx register - 1 domain = 1 license ..

and can`t many domains = 1 license ..

You should write email to presale to ask this possibility to register several domains for 1 license ..

I`m not sure ..

Quote · 18 Jun 2008

Just because it will possible cheater way,

anybody can register many-many domains (for future) just for 1 license, and earn here many different dolphins :) (in first time produce this as one site - after just delete this link )

So in any case need register all domains to prevent misunderstanding

Quote · 18 Jun 2008



I'll redirect my other domain names Cool

Quote · 2 Jul 2008

Make sure you use a 301 redirect so Google won't penalize you for duplicate content :-)

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