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This is a support forum for our Must Love Dogs module.
If you have some questions or suggestions regarding it, feel free to post them here or contact us directly.

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Quote · 3 Jul 2015



Version was updated for Dolphin 7.2.

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Quote · 2 Oct 2015



I see the feature like this:

Administration features:


  • Allow to select fields which member can use for filtration

My question:
I have several customization fields:
Native language;
Target language (the language the user is learning).

Can I select the customization fields which member can use for filtration?



Walter -
Quote · 27 Mar 2017

You may set filtration by the all fields which are available on edit and join form for members.

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Quote · 27 Mar 2017

Attempting to reinstall, getting "Something went wrong! Please try reloading the page." red text error on white page.

uninstalled ALL other plugins. tried again. same error.

v. 7.4.2

php 7.3

What else you need or want me to try pls?

Quote · 27 Nov 2020


Quote · 30 Nov 2020

Problem has been resolved.

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Quote · 1 Dec 2020


Problem has been resolved.

 Will you upload the newest version to the market so others can download it as well?

And Thank you!

From AntonLV:

"I have installed Must love dogs module.
Feel fre to test and if any problems let me know please."

Quote · 1 Dec 2020

Yes, modules in market has been updated and available for download now.

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Quote · 1 Dec 2020

Can install, but NOW I get:


This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.


Quote · 13 Dec 2020
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