Name of the Site Cart


how can I change the Name of the Site Cart? When I open my shopping Cart - than is the Name of the Site Cart 

"admin's cart" and the Admins Avatar is also placed. Where can I change it? 


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Quote · 9 Feb 2018

This is because the admin is technically the seller you are ordering from on the site. If you were to buy from a user in the store module, it'd say "<their name> cart" instead. Because payments are sent to each seller directly, it wouldn't be possible to have one grouped cart. So the username or FullName is used, which is then used for the admin user and site memberships also.

Easiest way to work around this is to have the admin user be called SiteName or similar. Or if you create a new admin user with that name and set it as the default admin profile under the Payments module, that should also do the trick.

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Quote · 9 Feb 2018

Hi that works fine - thank you!

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