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Quote · 8 May 2011

Я не нашел ограничения на публикацию новостей группы, поэтому сейчас каждый член группы может создавать новости, что крайне нежелательно. Есть ли способ ограничить права, чтобы публиковать новости мог только владелец? Dolphin 7.0.7

I didn't find access levels for group news publication. So, anyone could post this news, it's bad. Is there any way to give access for group owner only? Dolphin 7.0.7

Quote · 14 Oct 2011

Main idea of module was possibility to fans of groups to sharing news, this is because this is allowed by default.

But you always can disable this possibility with commenting single row in sources

Quote · 14 Oct 2011

Thanks for reply. All works fine.

Quote · 17 Oct 2011

Module has been updated (and verified to work with latest dolphin version 7.0.9).

Quote · 12 May 2012

This module has been updated. It is available for Dolphin 7.1 now.

There are several new features (for 7.1):

* new dolphin's charts
* vector icons

Quote · 10 Dec 2012

Probably a simple change a code somewhere but this module says that it is not compatible with 7.1.3 yet. I am sure that Andrew is working hard to get the modules updated.

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Quote · 17 Jun 2013

Yes, this is just because of config file. I have to update a whole bunch products all the time..

anyway, there is an easy hint how to overcome this issue with compatibility:



    'compatible_with' => array(


    'compatible_with' => array(

(I will add it to the next version of this module)

Quote · 19 Jun 2013

Hi Andrew, does the recent update include changes that require full install or just changes to a few files? Any new features?

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Quote · 3 Oct 2013

If you would like to have the latest version, you can just rewrite its files. I didn't add any new feature in that version, just corrected the compatibility info and other slight changes in sources. If you have any ideas regarding this module, feel free to share them with me

Quote · 4 Oct 2013

New features (v 2.0.2):
* Now this module is integrated with the 'Timeline for Groups' module

Quote · 5 Dec 2013
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